Globally more than 1 million people get colorectal cancer every year. Colorectal cancer is more common in developed countries. Globally its 10-fold highest rates in Australia, Europe and USA. Colorectal cancer is the cause of cancer occurrence and death for men and women in the United States where an estimated 141,210 cases were diagnosed in 2011. Based on rates half of US men and women born today will be diagnosed with colorectal cancer, the median age at diagnosis for cancer of the colon and rectum in the US was 69 years of age. In United Kingdom & Australia colorectal cancer is fourth common disease as part of western and modern lifestyle and adapting new mannerism of eating habit which avoids nutritious content in food but involve more amount of fat content, lacking exercise and addicted to high consumption of alcohol and smoking leads to Colorectal Cancer in the developed countries compare to developing countries and making Colorectal Cancer a common health issue not only among old age people but among the young generation and even children also.