Colorectal Cancer: treatment & Prevention

Colorectal Cancer is a Common Cancer in developed countries which is easily curable by early detection of the POLYP'S based on signs & Symptoms, the treatment can be completed by medications,surgery,detection or screening .The prevention is in our hand as the best cure can be avoided without consuming more amount of red & proccessed meat ,consuming alcohol, smoking. The diseases is preventable by consuming good source of calcium like milk, green leafy vegetables, sardines etc. A routine check up, even its valid for the younger generation too as they are most effected now a days . Proper diet ,and healthy bowel system,detection and screening if any symptoms or bowel problem arise can be easily cured as once the colorectal polyps is removed it wont further spread before they became cancerous.Thus prevention is better than cure which easily helps to get rid from Colorectal polyps by treatment and proper intake of nutritious diet.